Talk less, build more. We build AWS solutions, not just advice.

Cloutive provides “Continuity” and “Innovation” on AWS for scale-ups and tech-heavy environments

Cloutive Achieves AWS Advanced Partner Status!

Do you recognize these challenges ?

Migrating to AWS

Is migrating to AWS a very long, expensive and distracting project?

It’s the first time your company is doing an AWS migration. How do you avoid mistakes?

There are more than 200+ services, which one to use?


How do you make sure my environment is always available, secure and scalable?

How do you provide 24/7 support?

How do you hire and keep motivated your DevOps engineers?


How do you stay innovative while providing stability?

How can you keep your team up to date with new AWS technologies?

Cloutive helps you overcome these challenges

There are several reasons why we can help you overcome your challenges:

We have a large hunger for innovation and new technologies.

We have a track record of working with start- and scale-ups.

Our approach is agile and we have a start-up mindset.

We are able to migrate to the AWS cloud in 6 weeks.

How we work

Our Solutions

Managed Cloud Services - Cloutive

Managed Cloud Service

We want to make sure that our clients can focus on their business. That’s why we manage the Cloud Infrastructures 24/7 for them. Our team of experienced and certified DevOps Engineers and Solutions architects bring their AWS expertise, so our clients can focus on their business!

DevOps-as-a-Service - Cloutive


When our clients are looking for a devops engineer, instead of hiring one, we propose DevOps-as-a-Service. Our team of 3 engineers make sure that our client has access to experienced and certified engineers quickly, anytime. It’s a low-cost and efficient solution that our clients seek.

Cloud Migration Acceleration - Cloutive

Cloud Migration Acceleration

We help our clients prepare for migration, speed up the migration process using our experience, and build everything together with our client’s development team. At the end we phase out from the project celebrating the success.

Cloud Cost Optimization - Cloutive

Generative AI on AWS

Explore the new opportunities with GenAI using AWS technologies, using Cloutive’s expertise


Our Impact In Action

Aniel Raghoenandan

CTO at COEO Incasso


#kubernetes #aws #kafka #docker #serverless

“COEO Incasso is using Cloutive’s AWS Managed Cloud Service for AWS infrastructure management. Cloutive takes care of the Security, Availability, and Reliability of current services. They also actively advise us on new services and best practices and develop solutions. Different from other service providers, they’re just one call or slack message away. Thanks to this partnership, COEO Incasso only focuses on core product development and growth.”

Security, availability and reliability of current services

Actively advise on new services and best practices and develop solutions

Martin Kooij

Program Manager at AXXS


#kubernetes #aws #kafka #docker #serverless

“We desperately needed the connection between the developers and our cloud infrastructure. The app under development had grown quite big with many dependent technologies, the complexity in CI/CD pipelines had grown with it. We hired Cloutive to bring the insight, experience and authority to clean-up the structure. This went so well that we are now staying with Cloutive as a partner. Big shout-out to Cloutive as an integral part of our fulfillment!”

Implement advanced high availability configuration inside kubernetes

Automated application deployment workflow end to end

Vincent van Beusekom

CTO at Technology Catalogue


#AWS #ASG #docker #serverless #datawarehouse

“Through a few exploratory calls we quickly established a path forward based on our infrastructure requirements and the AWS knowledge of the Cloutive team. It was great to see during this phase how the Cloutive team was able to scale the requirements to what would be best for a start-up in our current phase in terms of scalability and economics. During the migration project the Cloutive engineers worked side-by-side with our own developers in a very efficient manner, leading to a smooth migration. We’re now running our platform on AWS infrastructure for some months and I’m pleased to see that Cloutive is maintaining the same level of service for maintenance/support tickets. Keep up the good work!”

Agility, Availability and Reliability of current services

Datawarehouse Project

Rob Spekschoor

Strategy Lead Development at Dustin


#AWS #Kubernetes #docker #migration

“We selected Cloutive in our journey to move our application stack to Amazon Web Services. After an extensive period of assessments, interviews and training, we started outlining the architecture and quickly followed up with our internal development team in building and refactoring. Cloutive provided Architect, Dev(Ops) and Project Management roles which formed the core team essentials for us to lean on. To move from a more traditional virtual server colocated hosting environment to AWS public cloud using a complete new custom tailored Kubernetes application platform in eight month’s time is quite an achievement. We are satisfied with the end result and are looking forward to future collaboration.””

Agility, Availability and Reliability of current services

CI/CD Pipelines

Guclu Bigay

CTO at


#AWS #ECS #Docker #RDS

“Cloutive was introduced to us by AWS itself while we were already in the midst of a long-term cloud migration. Cloutive promptly worked with us and presented a target architecture and migration plan in a remarkably short time. They also assumed full responsibility during the migration process, enabling us to successfully transition to AWS in just two months. Cloutive continues to effectively manage our AWS accounts, allowing our development team to solely concentrate on business-related tasks. I highly recommend Cloutive as a reliable and trusted AWS partner.”

AWS Migration in record time

CI/CD Pipelines

Managed AWS Service

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Jeroen van Overbeek

CTO at WAIR (Fashion AI forecasting)


#AI #Serverless #SageMaker

“Cloutive, our AWS cloud infrastructure partner, deserves high praise for their remarkable collaboration and professionalism. From the outset, they understood our unique requirements and worked closely with us to deliver tailored solutions. Their technical expertise and adherence to best practices were evident throughout the partnership. Cloutive’s communication and project management were exemplary, keeping us informed and addressing concerns promptly. Their collaborative approach fostered an environment of open dialogue and idea-sharing. We wholeheartedly recommend Cloutive as a trusted AWS cloud infrastructure partner, and we look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership as we navigate the ever-evolving cloud technology landscape.”

Serverless Landing Zone for Development Efficiency and Proficiency

Managed AWS Service

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