We are Cloutive

Engineers that build, not just consultants that talk.

Why it all started ?

Cloutive started with a motivation to make perfect AWS best practices available to startups and scaleups.

The main reasons: 

We love working with startups and scaleups

Startups and scaleups need to utilize AWS the best way

Nowadays, cloud platforms become complex and in order to configure it based on best practices companies either need to invest a lot internally for the things It’s needed one time or they have to pay a lot to consultancy companies. They will count each hour and say goodbye just after some months.

Thanks to working on multiple projects, we have gained extensive experience on most of the AWS services, so our clients don’t have to do so, especially on the areas they need it one time.

We believe in long term collaboration and achieving success together. 

“Please don’t call us consultants, we’re engineers. We don’t like the ‘consultancy’ term and business. We don’t “rent” our colleagues to other companies under the name of consultancy, we build solutions as a team”

Serkan Capkan, Founder

Cloutive is a team of AWS DevOps Engineers…

We’re innovative engineers that build, not just consultants that work for some months, count every hour and leave. At each project, we integrate into the clientʼs development team and work hard together until the goal is achieved. We donʼt count hours to measure the work, measure customer satisfaction.

Why work with Cloutive?

Unlike consultants, we are engineers first and foremost. Therefore, every project we undertake is treated as a software project, with an emphasis on code quality. We review every line of code and follow an IaC approach, supported by CI/CD pipelines.

We have a startup mindset with an agile approach.

The only partner in the Netherlands working specifically with startups and scale-ups.

We have access to many AWS Funding Programs

We make professional AWS infrastructures accessible to them.

Because of our accessible pricing model.

We always come up with innovative solutions.

Everything we do is automated thanks to our code with Everything as Code approach.

What We Do

Our services are specifically designed to cater the needs of companies in their growth phase. We provide services in critical areas of Cloud Migration, Managed Cloud Service, DevOps-as-a-Service, Cloud Native Development, Cloud Cost Optimization, enabling clients from various industries to realize their full potential. For this, we:

Integrate in their development team so we can work hard together until the goal is achieved.

Are always on edge and always poke our clients with innovative solutions. We keep on working until our clients are satisfied.

Our Way of Work

At Cloutive we have an effective way of working. Cloutive becomes an extension of your development team.
We explain the steps below:

Nice to meet you!

We start with regular technical meetings

Technical Deep Dive

A technical session with Development Team and Cloutive Solutions Architects.

Our Solution Offer

Just in a couple of days, we prepare an Architecture Diagram and propose our solution.

Build & Operate

We build the solution with the IaC approach, provide SLA, and connect it with the incident management system

Your office & Slack & Open Calendar

We stop by your office as much as we can. Thanks to our open calendar policy, you can talk with our engineers directly by arranging a call. And yes, we’ll be in the same Slack channel.

The Cloutive team

None of our Managed Service Clients hire a DevOps engineer with a focus on AWS. They only have frontend, backend, and mobile developers.

We focus on AWS, so that you can focus on
business-related code development.

Each Cloutive delivery team structure consists of 1 Solutions Architect and 2 DevOps Engineers. Cloutive made a big investment in infrastructure code templates and created an abstraction layer with IAC and deployment pipelines in order to make AWS easy for any development environment.