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We understand the challenges of startups and scale-ups, that’s why we can help to find the right solution for them.

Innovation and Continuity on AWS is our expertise!

The journey of startups and scale-ups is an exciting one. However, this path may also involve some challenges like:

Scaling up infrastructure quickly

Efficiently using internal resources

Going to market quickly, being flexible

At Cloutive we understand these kinds of challenges, thanks to our track record of working with startups and scale-ups. To help them overcome these challenges, we provide solutions that enable these fast-growing businesses to reach their full potential.

Which of these solutions can we support you with?

Cloud Migration Acceleration - Cloutive

Cloud Migration Acceleration

We help our clients prepare for migration, speed up the migration process using our experience, and build everything together with our client’s development team. We migrate our clients to AWS just in a couple of weeks with minimum effort required from their team. At the end we phase out from the project celebrating the success. How to make sure you’ll continue growing without losing time and focus during migration? We can help with this process in multiple ways thanks to our:

Technical project management expertise

Cloud migration experience

Insights gained from previous projects


When our clients are looking for a devops engineer, instead of hiring one, we provide them with DevOps-as-a-Service. Our team of 3 engineers make sure that our client has access to experienced and certified engineers quickly. It’s a low-cost and efficient solution that our clients seek. We can help by making this process cost-effective and efficient thanks to our:

Quick start

Affordable pricing

Team of certified DevOps Engineers

Knowledge and guidance

Managed Cloud Services - Cloutive

Managed Cloud Service

We want to make sure that our clients can focus on their business. That’s why we manage the Cloud Infrastructures 24/7 for them. Our team of experienced and certified DevOps Engineers and Solutions architects bring their AWS expertise, so our clients can focus on their business! Cloutive can help making this possible thanks to our:

Certified DevOps Engineers

Certified Solutions Architects

Managing the infrastructure 24/7

An AWS environment with all possible best practices from high availability to governance

All maintenance will be done by Cloutive

Generative AI on AWS

GenAI is a developing story with lots of promises and hype products. In order to stay clear of hype and avoid unnecessary investment, the best thing to do is to understand the technical capabilities of the action and start small as soon as possible.

Explore the GenAI capabilities without making big financial commitments

Rapidly grasp the concept of GenAI by constructing a POC or MVP.

Stay one step ahead in the market trying GenAI capabilities quickly

Cloud Cost Optimization - Cloutive

Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloutive has extensive experience in reducing AWS costs thanks to our deep technical expertise. We provide cost-reduction services upon request. We review AWS environments, create reports with action points and complexities and estimate the total cost reduction. This way we:

Eliminate unnecessary cloud resources

Optimize utilization

Implement cost-saving measures

Empowering Innovation with Specialized Landing Zones

Landing Zone

Designed to manage and orchestrate containerized applications using EKS or ECS. It provides a standardized environment for:

Deploying, scaling, and monitoring containers

Ensuring efficient resource utilization

Streamlined operations

Machine Learning & GenAI Landing Zone

Designed to support and streamline machine learning workflows. It provides a centralized platform for:

Data ingestion, model training, deployment, and monitoring

Enabling efficient development 

Deployment of machine learning models at scale

Landing Zone

Optimized for serverless computing. It provides a framework for:

Deploying and managing serverless applications

Abstracting away the underlying infrastructure

Allowing developers to focus solely on writing code and building scalable, event-driven solutions.

Cloutive is proud to be an AWS Select Partner

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