Cloud Cost Optimization

Minimize costs while maximizing cloud potential

Challenges of Cloud Costs

Cloud services allow companies to scale their operations as needed. Unfortunately, this can affect costs, because scaling can lead to increased expenses. This is a result of the following scaling activities:

Expanding their customer base

Launching new products

Handling peak workloads

Cloud Cost Optimization - Cloutive

Benefits of Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud Cost Optimization ensures that companies do not have to worry about unexpected cloud costs. It’s as simple as it sounds. They can be sure that scaling their cloud infrastructure aligns with their growth plans, without making unnecessary costs.

How Cloutive supports

We have extensive experience in reducing AWS monthly costs thanks to our deep technical expertise. We review AWS environments, create a detailed “Cost Optimization” report with action points and complexities, and also estimate the total cost reduction.

Cloutive is proud to be an AWS Select Partner

Why Cloutive

We constantly help migrate different types of businesses to the Cloud. Almost all businesses have different requirements, such as low cost or strong governance or high availability. We can help your business with cloud migration because we:

Know the pros-cons of each different tools and architecture 

Experienced the most common roadblocks during migration projects

Have the know-how on most of the solutions on the market

Have hands-on experience

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