Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) on AWS

Explore the new opportunities with GenAI using AWS technologies, using Cloutive’s expertise….

Explore Generative AI (GenAI) on AWS and unlock new opportunities

GenAI is a developing story with lots of promises and hype. To stay ahead in the market and avoid unnecessary investment, the best thing to do is to understand the technical capabilities of the action and start small as soon as possible.

Explore the GenAI capabilities without making big financial commitments

Stay one step ahead in the market trying GenAI capabilities quickly

Rapidly grasp the concept of GenAI by constructing a POC or MVP.

How Cloutive supports

Cloutive has delivered different types of GenAI projects using AWS technologies (AWS SageMaker, AWS Inferentia, AWS Bedrock, AWS Trainium). As an AWS partner, Cloutive also has a strong focus on bringing all relevant AWS technologies together to provide business value in the most efficient way. Cloutive provides the below services in order to introduce GenAI to its clients in a very short time span…

  • GenAI Workshop: GenAI workshop is an 3-4 hours session to align on GenAI foundations, visit AWS GenAI capabilities and most importantly brainstorm possible use cases. At the end of the session, there will be more than 10 use-cases and feasibility discussed.
  • POC / MVP: To grasp capabilities, evaluate the business value, and accelerate adaptation, Cloutive delivers GenAI POC projects in less than 6 weeks. Thanks to Cloutive taking the lead, our clients can continue their development plans while already running GenAI projects in parallel. After the POC phase, there will be 2-4 use cases implemented, so it will be possible to validate the use cases in action.

Success Stories

WeAreEves (WAE)

Quint Mouthaan
Founder and CTO at We Are Eves

“WeAreEves (WAE) the most trusted personal care and beauty platform featuring hundreds of thousands of honest reviews from real users, free from sponsorships and fake promises to help users find the right product for them. WAE utilizes GenAI to enhance Product Detailed Pages, categorization and personalization based on their authentically collected user generated content. This allows users to support each other even more effectively. In just seven weeks, Cloutive delivered the GenAI solution to WeAreEves, surpassing the initially agreed-upon use cases. As a result, WeAreEves seamlessly integrated GenAI without the need for internal experts, large budgets, or extensive development time.”

  • Cloutive delivered the GenAI solution to WeAreEves in just seven weeks
  • Thanks to the experience of Cloutive, WeAreEves didn’t have to hire / build expensive GenAI team


Cloutive provided an AI Image generator project, using AWS technologies, in more than a month timeframe. Result:

  • Vontagepoint started testing AWS GenAI capabilities in less than 4 weeks.
  • Thanks to the experience of Cloutive, vontagepoint didn’t have to hire / build expensive GenAI team

[under NDA]AI-Powered Chatbot

Say goodbye to traditional annoying chatbots

Cloutive developed a GenAI-powered chatbot project, which uses internal documentation, databases, and some other internal data in order to generate smart answers for the end customers.

  • Just in 6 weeks project deployed to a real test environment
  • Thanks to the experience of Cloutive, the customer didn’t have to hire/build expensive GenAI team