Cloud Migration Acceleration

Accelerate your Cloud Migration with our team of experts!

Challenges of cloud migration

Startups and scaleups are facing some challenges when migrating to the cloud. Cloud migration can be complex and time-consuming, especially for those who are not familiar with the process. They face a unique set of challenges when it comes to cloud migration:

Limited resources

Lack of technical expertise

Tight budgets

These challenges can make cloud migration seem daunting. Migrating to the cloud requires a solid understanding of your start ups current and future needs to ensure that the cloud infrastructure can meet those needs.

Cloud Migration Acceleration - Cloutive

Benefits of Cloud Migration

Even if start and scale ups do manage to successfully migrate to the cloud themselves, they often fail to fully exploit the benefits of the cloud. We know that thanks to careful planning and execution cloud migration can offer numerous benefits to start- and scale-ups, such as:

Increased agility


Cost savings


High availability

Auto scalability

How Cloutive supports

Cloud Migration projects are complex and unique. These projects are more than infrastructure and tooling platform changes. That’s why we help you:

To prepare for migration

Speed up the migration process using our experience

Build everything together with our development team

After a successful migration, slowly leave the project

Our Way of Work

At Cloutive we have an effective and agile way of working.
Within six weeks we guide you from introduction to building new AWS Services that you need.

Week 1

Nice to meet you!

First we share similar migration stories, challenges and strategies with you.

Week 1

Technical session

During the technical session we discuss architectural design and the migration strategy. The session and the creation of a cost calculator will be done within 6 hours.

Week 1

Proposal & timeline

We share our proposal and timeline with you.

Week 2

Test environment

We deliver the test environment.

Week 3


If necessary we make some adjustments based on your feedback. All done? Then we can go live.

Week 4

Managed Service & SLA

We make agreements about our Managed Service and Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Week 6


Your new environment is ready to use

Why Cloutive

We constantly help to migrate different types of businesses to the cloud. Almost all businesses have different requirements, such as low cost or strong governance or high availability. We can help your business with cloud migration because we:

Know the pros-cons of each different tools and architecture

Experienced the most common roadblocks during migration projects

Have the know-how on most of the solutions on the market 

Have hands-on experience 

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