DigitalAudience AWS Migration and Managed Service

Datacenter to AWS Migration just in 6 Weeks

Guclu Bigay

CTO at Digital Audience

“Cloutive was introduced to us by AWS itself while we were already in the midst of a long-term cloud migration. Cloutive promptly worked with us and presented a target architecture and migration plan in a remarkably short time. They also assumed full responsibility during the migration process, enabling us to successfully transition to AWS in just 6 weeks. Cloutive continues to effectively manage our AWS accounts, allowing our development team to solely concentrate on business-related tasks. I highly recommend Cloutive as a reliable and trusted AWS partner.”

“Cloutive promptly worked with us and presented a target architecture and migration plan in a remarkably short time”

Prior to Migration

Cloutive has been introduced to DigitalAudience and just in a week, Cloutive prepared “Target Architecture”, “Migration Plan” and all other paperwork to start working.


The proposed solution was taking full responsibility on ;

  • Preparing AWS landing zone and account structure
  • Containerising all applications
  • RDS and ECS-based solution for re-platforming
  • Migrating all workloads and data to the new AWS environment

Cloutive delivered the solution to the test environment just in a couple of weeks’ time, using the Infrastructure as Code (Iac) approach. After the optimization phase, the AWS environment was ready to host all new workloads.

Responsibility for migrating resources to the new platform was assumed by Cloutive, working closely with the development team.

After the migration, Cloutive continues providing Managed Cloud Service so Digital Audience can focus on its business

How Cloutive made an impact?

To help Digital Audience on their AWS Migration Journey, Cloutive has supported them in several ways:

Record Fast Migration: Migrating whole application landscape to AWS just in a couple of weeks.

Efficient Development: Creating CI/CD pipelines in order to create a frictionless development workflow.

Speed: Thanks to the Blazing fast AWS Migration, DigitalAudience continued focusing on the business

Focus: DigitalAudience didn’t have to invest in internal AWS knowledge, instead, invested valuable resources to feature development

Beyond: Just after the migration, Digital Audience started investigating new capabilities on AWS in order to grow their business valuable resources to feature development

About Digital Audience

Founded in 2015, digitalAudience developed proprietary technology that activates deterministic data for enriched digital communication. This technology allows brands, agencies, publishers, and technology partners to identify and engage consumers within the digital ecosystem, enhancing segmentation and targeting. Initially, digitalAudience brought offline data solutions to the online realm, expanding use cases in advertising. Today, it stands as the leading identity resolution platform in the Benelux and Nordics, offering its Customer Intelligence Platform to pioneers in digital marketing. Its mission is to drive the transition to identity-powered marketing.