Managed Cloud Service

Unlock your cloud potential with Managed Cloud Service

Challenges of managing your own Cloud

Some start ups and scale ups choose to manage their own cloud, but this has a number of challenges:

Cloud environments can be complex, especially when dealing with a large number of resources, networking configurations, and security measures. 

Handle the scalability and elasticity manually, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Significant expertise and continuous monitoring to ensure the infrastructure remains secure and compliant with industry standards.

Managed Cloud Services - Cloutive

Benefits of our Managed Cloud Service

Thanks to Managed Cloud Service, you won’t have to worry about these challenges. Managed Cloud Service has several benefits:

We bring in-depth knowledge and experience in managing cloud environments. 

Instead of hiring and maintaining an in-house team of cloud experts, you can leverage our cloud expertise.

We monitor the infrastructure 24/7, ensuring high availability, performance optimization, and proactive issue resolution. 

How Cloutive supports

We want to make sure that our clients can focus on their business. That’s why we manage the Cloud Infrastructures 24/7 for them. Our team of experienced and certified DevOps Engineers and Solutions architects bring their AWS expertise, so our clients can focus on their business!

Cloutive is proud to be an AWS Select Partner

Why Cloutive

We constantly help migrate different types of businesses to the Cloud. Almost all businesses have different requirements, such as low cost or strong governance or high availability. We can help your business with cloud migration because we:

Know the pros-cons of each different tools and architecture 

Experienced the most common roadblocks during migration projects

Have the know-how on most of the solutions on the market

Have hands-on experience

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