DevOps-as-a-Service Solution

Trust on Cloutive’s expertise in AWS using DevOps-as-a Service Solution…

Jeroen van Overbeek

CTO at WAIR (Fashion AI Forecasting)

“Cloutive, our AWS cloud infrastructure partner, deserves high praise for their remarkable collaboration and professionalism. From the outset, they understood our unique requirements and worked closely with us to deliver tailored solutions. Their technical expertise and adherence to best practices were evident throughout the partnership. Cloutive’s communication and project management were exemplary, keeping us informed and addressing concerns promptly. Their collaborative approach fostered an environment of open dialogue and idea-sharing. We wholeheartedly recommend Cloutive as a trusted AWS cloud infrastructure partner, and we look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership as we navigate the ever-evolving cloud technology landscape.”

Cloutive’s communication and project management were exemplary, keeping us informed and addressing concerns promptly.”

How Cloutive made an Impact

Wair is the company offering the Advanced General Intelligent services. Cloutive supported Wair, to move application workloads to AWS. Cloutive’s expertise in AWS, using DevOps-as-a Service solution, ensured that the entire process was smooth and efficient. Cloutive’s diligent approach to increasing software development efficiency and full infrastructure automation with strong security practices, and excellent compliance measures made the entire project a success.

To support Wair with their requests for assistance, Cloutive took care of:

Serverless Landing Zone for Development Efficiency and Proficiency.

Outlining the architecture.

Building and refactoring with the internal development team.

Security, availability and reliability of current services.

Managed AWS Service.

About WAIR

WAIR is an innovative retail tech company that develops deep learning models to enhance existing operational processes with intelligent capabilities, empowering businesses with Advanced General Intelligent (AGI) with the mission of reshaping the retail industry by democratizing state-of-the-art AI, ensuring it’s available to everyone with the transition all existing workflows into highly dynamic, data-driven processes.