AWS re:Invent 2023: Collective Journey to the Future of Cloud Technology

The long-awaited announcement finally took place at the AWS re:Invent 2023 conference held in Las Vegas between the 27th November to the 1st December 2023. This event wasn’t just a gathering, it was a collective journey that immersed everyone into the exciting future of cloud computing. Those who were there would know that this conference was a comprehensive knowledge festival, offering a diverse range of activities from inspiring keynotes to engaging hands-on labs. It is kind of a collaborative knowledge exchange, with industry professionals buzzing around talks, workshops, and labs. The list of re:Invent announcements is endless but let’s mention …

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Pre-Summit Drinks at AWS Office in Netherlands

Cloutive Technology Solutions is honored to have sponsored Pre-Summit Drinks at the AWS office in Amsterdam. It was a fantastic event, with delicious drinks, great food, and lively conversation. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the first half of the year and warm up for the AWS summit. We were delighted to see AWS counterparts, customers, and other AWS users all together. We would like to thank all the participants for making the event such a success. It was a truly special evening. We hope to see you all again at the AWS summit in Amsterdam!

KubeCon 2021

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2021 Highlights

Although it was live* , almost all the talks were pre-recorded. Didn’t liked much but Presenters were online after talk for Q&A sessions. I missed some of the talks, but a good thing about online events, you can watch them later 🙂 Here are my notes on what caught my eye. Attended Kubernetes AI Day. Basically it was all about kubeflow. How to run your pipeline with less afford, more automation as much as possible. Projects to follow: CNCF Sandboxed Projects that I like to mention, None Sandboxed Projects to keep an eye, There are numerous projects out there and some of …

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Production Ready EKS CoreDNS Configuration

As a “Managed Kubernetes” offering, AWS EKS comes with some essential core services, like CoreDNS. (kube-proxy etc.) CoreDNS is an open source DNS service with Kubernetes plugin for service discovery and by default it’s a DNS server for most of the Kubernetes distribution. Service discovery is actually the main motivation behind hosting a DNS server inside the Kubernetes cluster, otherwise all DNS queries would go to external DNS server. Better to explain with a drawing; 1. Application makes a DNS query 2.A. If the record is a Kubernetes service record, like “application2-internal-service”, CoreDNS responds with service IP address result 2.B. …

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Exposing Applications at AWS EKS and Integrating with Other AWS Services

On this post I’ll summarize how to expose web applications on EKS (or self managed Kubernets) in a fully automated AWS infrastructure environment, mentioning challenges together with solutions. Let’s start with the default option we know from Kubernetes 101. In order to expose an application at Kubernetes, you should create a Service, with type LoadBalancer. This method is correct and provided directly by Kubernetes*. * This declaration will create an AWS Classic LoadBalancer and Kubernetes will collect load balancer endpoint, it’ll be something like this; 3456yhgfdswe45tygfder45– Although it’s super simple and straight forward, there are a couple of problems with …

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WAF and CloudFront in front web applications with Custom Maintenance page (using CloudFront) (AWS)

If you’re configuring a web application on AWS, whether it’s a serverless, Kubernetes or EC2 based solution, it’s quite common to have CloudFront as CDN, AWS WAF as Web Application Firewall and AWS Elastic Load Balancer in front of your web service. Purpose of each components can be listed as; AWS Web Application Firewall: CloudFront S3 As on this post we won’t look at origin/resource of CloudFront, we can start configuration with CloudFront. Creating S3 Bucket Although it’s not something to learn on this port, as we’ll give reference to this post, it’s nice to put S3 code here as …

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