AWS GenAI Brainstorming Roundtable

Explore AWS GenAI Opportunities with Real-Life Use Cases

Amsterdam(11 June) / Stockholm (13 June)

GenAI is the most popular topic in the technology world at the moment. Because It’s a developing story, it’s very challenging to;

  • Determine use cases & evaluate viability
  • Understand capabilities and limitations
  • Allocate budget and define required resources

Last year Cloutive developed and delivered numerous GenAI projects using AWS technologies, now It’s time to share our experience.

Join us for an interactive “guided brainstorming” session on GenAI. Explore the GenAI technology, dive into AWS capabilities, and discuss potential use cases for your business with like-minded individuals.


Understand the GenAI concept and relationship with other AI/ML technologies

Discuss GenAI challenges, effective GenAI project development approach

Sharing experiences real-world success stories and challenges

Brainstorming possible use-cases based on participants’ business case

Investigate the viability and challenges of discussed projects


  • Walk in and coffee
  • Introduction to GenAI in the context of AI / ML
  • AWS GenAI approach / AWS Capabilities
  • Real-world cases developed by Cloutive and Challenges
  • Guided Brainstorming + Discussion


The session is tailored for “Founders”, “Product Owners”, “CTOs” and for people who understand the business and the technology on a high level.

(It’s not a technical/hands-on session)


11 June 2024 – 13:00 – Amsterdam – Mr.Treublaan 7, 1097 DP

13 June 2024 – 15:00 – Stockholm – TBD


About Cloutive’s GenAI Approach

Cloutive developed and delivered numerous GenAI projects successfully last year. The main recipe for success lies in Cloutive’s tailored approach to assisting companies in understanding the field, mastering the technology through incremental steps, and making informed decisions. Further details and references can be found in the provided link.