Work with a team of experienced and certificated DevOps Engineers, instead of hiring a DevOps Engineer, and unlock the real potential of AWS

Challenges of DevOps

Some businesses prefer to have their own DevOps team and manage their own infrastructure. But hiring a skilled DevOps engineer can be challenging, as it requires finding someone with a comprehensive understanding of both development and operations processes. In order to provide full support a company needs at least two DevOps engineers. But to deliver on the promise of 24/7 support, they need at least three engineers. This extra workforce can be expensive.

Benefits of DevOps-as-a-Service

We understand why start and scaleups need to use Devops-as-a-Service instead of hiring a devops engineer for this role. DevOps-as-a-Service has multiple benefits:

Cost savings

Scalability & flexibility

Faster time to market

Enhanced security & compliance

Expertise & support

How Cloutive supports

When our clients are looking for a DevOps engineer, instead of hiring one, we propose DevOps-as-a-Service. Our team of two DevOps engineers and one Solutions Architect makes sure that our client has access to experienced and certified engineers quickly, anytime. It’s a low-cost and efficient solution that our clients seek.

Here are some happy customers

Why Cloutive

We constantly help to manage your infrastructure. Almost all businesses have different requirements, such as low cost or strong governance or high availability. We can help your business managing your infrastructure because we:

Know the pros-cons of each different tools and architecture 

Have hands-on experience 

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